Undergraduate Students in
Sheffield Medico-Chirurgical Society

Bursary Application Form form - Students of The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health, University of Sheffield

Bursary Awards for 2020 --closed

The Sheffield Medico-Chirurgical Society is offering a number of awards to the value of £350 each to undergraduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health in the University of Sheffield. Some of the awards will carry the Kay Dickson name whilst others will be named Med-Chi Bursaries. The aim of the bursaries is to support students in undertaking a project that would further their education. The project may be completed as part of the formal undergraduate course, for example whilst on an elective attachment or during vacation periods, either in the UK or overseas, and must be undertaken in an approved establishment (e.g. university or hospital department, medical or dental school, school of nursing and/or midwifery, general practice or community setting). It is a condition of the award that successful candidates will submit a short report (1500 words) on the work undertaken within three months of completion of the project, and in any event by 20th December 2020. Reports will be seen & adjudicated by members of Med-Chi Council only. It is also a condition that successful candidates must prepare and submit a report on their project ( or as a reflection of their experience). 

Applications must be received no later than 29th February 2020 for awards to be used in the period to 30st September 2020. Decision of application outcome will be notified within 4 weeks of the receipt of the application.

Applications (by electronic submission only) will be expected to include:
· Applicant’s name, U-card number, contact address, telephone number & e-mail address, School within the Faculty, Degree & Year of course
· Title, aims and objectives of the proposed project and how its completion will enhance the applicant’s clinical practice
· Details of the project to be undertaken and when (dates) and where it will be completed
· Reasons for support requested (e.g. to assist with travel, subsistence, equipment etc)
· Information about other sources of funding to be applied for or already obtained
· The name and contact details of a member of staff connected directly with the proposed project (e.g. project supervisor, elective co-ordinator, audit lead etc)

The awards will be adjudicated by the Bursary Subcommittee who will meet under the chairmanship of the President or a Vice-President.