Sheffield Medico-Chirurgical Society

Some recent meetings

Health of Victorian Chidren in Sheffield

Dr Patricia Brennan, Retired Consultant Paediatrician

Mountain Rescue Medicine 

 Dr Stephen Rowe, Consultant Anaesthetist

 Just a question of perspective: can we believe our eyes

 Dr Chantelle mann. Neonatal Grid Trainee

When hygiene was a dirty word

 Mr David Bell, 'The Plague Doctor from Eyam'

Neurosurgery in a low-income setting:long term outcomes followingSpina Bifida repair in Uganda                                 

 Dr Helen  & Mr Hugh Sims-Williams

 Clinical Genetics: Past, Present & Future   

Dr Jackie Cook, Sheffield Clinical Genetics Service

Dr James Barry: Military doctor and "ladies man"

 Dr Rod Amos, Retired Consultant Physician

'From a cross-fertilization To specialities to BBC Panorama and beyond

Profs J Snowden and B Sharrack- University of Sheffield

Hillsborough revisited, the story of the 1998 Disaster

Dr G Clarke - Rtd anaesthetist STHFT

From scalpel to needle - IR- the quiet surgical revolution

Dr M Reggie -cons vascular and interventional radiologist STHFT

''Lets get Physical'- The importance of physical activity for health and wellbeing

Dr C Garnett , STHFT

'I know it's a bad illness but I've had a good life':

Dr M Winslow, University of Sheffield

Digging up the dead: Yorkshire Style

Dr R Amos, Rtd cons STHFT

Ebola: Ready or not Here I come

Dr Ann Tunbridge Sheffield teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Was NAP5  'NICE' enough: Where next for the depth of Anaesthesia monitors

Dr J Androzejowski, Consultant Neuroanaesthetist

'Achieving Potential' Does this need a change in Culture and Approach to Medical Education

Prof Murdoch-Eaton,Dean Medical Education, University of Sheffield

'The Secret world of St Apollonia

Prof G Craig, Emeritus Professor of Dental Pathology and Forensic Odontology, University of Sheffield

History of Syphilis in Art, a dernatological perspective

Dr Andrew Smith. Emeritus Consultant Dermatologist

Diabetes- a problem of increasing size:Implication for Sheffield

Dr J Stephenson Genral Medical Practitioner Sheffield

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Professor Gordon Duff, University of
Surgical Artist at War
Mr Mick Crumplin, Worcester
Dr Harold Shipman - a pathologist's perspective
Dr John Rutherford, Manchester
Science at the Asylum
Dr Rodney Pollitt, MRC Unit, Sheffield
Advances in Palliative Care
Professor Sam Ahmedzai, RHH, Sheffield
The Trial of Dr Palmer, 'The Rugeley Poisoner'
Joint Meeting with SYML Society Presiding: His Honour David Bentley
Coronary Imaging and Intervention: the past is recent and the future is here
Dr David Cumberland, NGH, Sheffield
Asian Doctors in the NHS - Service and Betrayal
Professor Aneez Esmail, Primary Care, Manchester
Touching the Void
Sheffield's famed climber's adventures in the Andes, Joe Simpson, Sheffield
From George Huntington to Stem Cells’
Dr Oliver Quarrell, Clinical Geneticist, SCH
‘The Mathematics of Cancer'
Dr Simon Cross, Reader in Histopathology, University of Sheffield. 
‘A Paediatrician wanders through the Periodic Table'
Professor Stuart Tanner, University of Sheffield 
‘Hitler: Personality and Power’
Sir Ian Kirshaw, Former professor of History,University of Sheffield
‘Taking the Hype out of Hypertension’
Dr P Jackson, Reader in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Sheffield. 
‘Surgical Training: The Impact of the European Working Time Directive’
Mr John Black, President of Royal college of Surgeons fo England
‘An Aid to AIDS’
Prof Steve Green, Consultant Physician, Professor of International Medicine, Sheffield
'This House believes that permitting the buying and selling of Human organs would lead to more transplants'
Joint meeting with South Yorkshire Medicolegal Society- Debate*
‘Alcohol - the burden, the policies and the politics 
Sir Ian Gilmore, Professor of Hepatology, University of Liverpool & Past President of Royal College of Physicians London
‘The Obesity Epidemic: Is there a surgical solution? 
Mr Roger Ackroyd, Consultant Surgeon, STHFT.
Frank Wright Lecture -'The Price of Everything, Value of Nothing - A Cynical Look at NICE Decision Making'
Prof Jonathan Michaels, Professor of Clinical Decision, Sciences, ScHARR, University of Sheffield
Breaking down under pressure
Mr. Martin McClelland Consultant Spinal Injuries Sheffield
'Why was Myra Hindley evil? Towards a sociological understanding of Britain’s ‘icon of evil’
Dr Tom Clark Dept of Sociological Studies University of Sheffield
‘Renal Sympathetic Denervation - an exciting new treatment for hypertension?’
Prof P A Gaines Consultant Radiologist Sheffield Vascular Institute
‘The Challenges facing the NHS’
Professor T Stephenson President Academy of Royal Colleges and Past President Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health
’45 Years of working to improve health in Nepal’
Dr Gillian Holdsworth/Prof Surya Subedi
‘Thomas Sydenham: Freedom fighter, family man and forthright physician’ 
Dr Rod Amos Retired Rheumatologist Sheffield
‘A global view on childhood blindness’
Mr Neil Rogers Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Sheffield
Bursary Students’ Presentations
G Dixon (Malawi) Giles Dixon " Sun Savannah and Schistosomiasis" 
J Reeve (Madagascar) 'Adventures from the Magical, Mystical Island of Madagascar.' 
J Brooke (New Zealand)"FAST HUGs in the ICU: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in New Zealand"
Frank Wright Lecture-" A Hospital View of General Practice"
Dr S Brennan
Presidential Address ‘A tale of two or more Paediatricians’
Dr Alan Sprigg
New Commissioning in the NHS – The Sheffield Way’
Dr Andrew Gibson, Deputy Medical Director , Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Zac McMurray, Joint Clinical Director, NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
How do we keep the “service” in Public Service?
The Rt Hon David Blunkett, MP
‘This House Believes that the Human Embryo has inadequate protection under HF&E legislation”
Debate in conjunction with South Yorkshire Medico-Legal Society *
’Cancer Screening – Keeping the Faith’
Professor Julietta Patnick CBE, Director of NHS Cancer Screening Programmes
‘A Year On a Hill Farm'
Kath Burkinshaw, “Peak District Shepherdess”
Frank Wright Lecture Prostate Cancer – a disease of our time
Professor Freddie C Hamdy, Nuffield Professor of Surgery and Urology, University of Oxford
The Biggest killer - Bad Communication
Steven Carver, Cranefield School of Management
‘The Management of Burn Injuries’
Mr D R Ralston, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Burns Surgeon, Sheffield
'Back Pain, Sciatica and Degenerative Scoliosis – A Growing Problem’
Mr Ashley Cole, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, Sheffield
So, you want to do Research?’
Dr Celia Emery, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
‘A Day at the Old Bailey’)
Dr Kim Suvana, Consultant Histopathologist
Public Health, back in the Council, Gone Home or Got Lost?’
Dr Jeremy Wright Sheffield Director of Public Health
Can Doctors learn anything from Television?
Dr Bryden - Consultant Anaesthetist Sheffield Teaching Hospital)
‘Teenaged Patients - Living in a Different World'
Dr Rachel Tattersall, Consultant Adolescent Rheumatologist
'Longshaw in the Great War’
Mrs. Thelma Griffiths, National Trust Volunteer
‘Cancer care: Yesterday, today & Tomorrow‘
Prof Rob Coleman, Yorkshire Cancer Research, Professor of medical Oncology
Frank Wright Lecture 'Oral manifestation of Systemic Disease' 
Dr Ann Hegarty, Consultant & Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer -Oral Medicine, Charles Clifford Hospital
'Child Health: The Politics of Poverty'
Dr Hilary Cass, President of Royal College of Paediatrics, Child Health, Neurodisability Consultant,Evelina London Children’s Hospital
Student Bursary Presentations
Louise RAYNOR “Differences in Child’s Health between Urban & Rural Populations in Fiji”
Joe WILTSHIRE“Paediatric Surgery at The Montreal Children’s Hospital” 
Simon WONGPre-endoscopy serological testing for coeliac disease – a novel approach using rapid antibody testing” 
Eleanor COOK & Sarah SNOW (Joint Project) “The demographics of MRSA & MSSA isolated from paediatric patients attending the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka”
'How Cinderella came to the Ball'
Dr Rod Amos, Retired Consultant Rheumatologist Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust